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The method of bridesmaid dress in color collocation

At the wedding, the best man bridesmaids wear what's most appropriate? If I do not know how the selection of ceremony clothing, then no harm to try the classic ritual clothing color bar.

Elegant Green

Green is undoubtedly the best endorsement of spring, its fresh, elegant tone is also very suitable as a ritual clothing optional. The pale green light on the increasingly widespread use of the room, but also very suitable for large- scale use. Green simply has to feel light weight, so the best Junior bridesmaid dresses can also pick a higher degree of exposed skin style, wide straps, strapless, and perhaps can make green turtleneck halter gown ceremony promote its ultimate effect, elegant and yet sexy.

Chiffon elegant bridesmaid dress

Mellow yellow

Eye-catching bright yellow, shades of brightness divergent samples brought great role will be different. At the wedding, noting that demand for the yellow area is gorgeous with its brightness and probably inversely proportional to the degree. Goose yellow chiffon or gauze fabric deployment, the proper degree of exposed skin can bring a sense of ethereal chic prevent larger area of concealment, otherwise it will slightly heavy and old fashioned.

Romantic pink

Sweet pink has been synonymous with romance, but also the best bridesmaids ceremony clothing natural integral color. But the pink color is a relative risk, too beautiful not to bring a sense of caution, and therefore the degree of manipulation of its gorgeous shades of anomalous important. Bright pink undoubtedly more by beautiful, so when if a large area, the style of clothing should try Eli ladies and mature ; If want to add a romantic temperament pink, satin class can use a higher degree of exposed skin style to cooperate. Use can leave divergent shades of pink on a whole body ritual clothing, pink substrate, brilliant pink as part of the renovation can bring not prevalent custom role. Groomsmen and bridesmaid can pick a white coat ceremony ceremony clothing, in part, such as belts, woven flowers, mosaic, etc. carried out with relatively bright yellow decorate.

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