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How to choose beach wedding guest dresses

Beach wedding is a new wedding ceremony now gradually rising, and this is the latest innovation achievements for the wedding ceremony, many people feel very romantic and unique after such a wedding on the beach. But this new wedding, there are also many places to pay attention, because the beach is usually hot and has large sand, so if the wedding couple on the beach, then be sure to specify in the invitation above, so that you friends and family based on the actual situation ready for beach bridesmaid dress, because this wedding is not familiar with ordinary indoor or outdoor wedding, then how to choose the beach wedding guest dress?

First, the style you want simple and elegant, the best do not choose the traditonal long tailing dresses, because walking and attend a wedding on the beach is very inconvenient, but will also make you with a lot of sand, so make the beautiful dress soon become your burden, so you mobility while at the wedding, the effect you want to achieve the kind of dazzling original is also more difficult to show, so the best choice is simple and elegant short dress, so help you better integrate into the wedding ceremony.

Elegant kelly chiffon bow tie one shoulder bridesmaid dress

Secondly, in the dress material has to be carefully chosen, the choice of the material in the dress of tulle or chiffon best choice, breathable material such good effect, easy to sweat for the beach. This may be relatively hot climates to the wedding, do not choose a class silk dress, this dress although the material is good, beautiful and generous, but the wear on the beach do not fit.

Finally, pay attention to dress with accessories, which is in the choice of a suitable beach wedding guest dresses later, we must pay attention to accessories mix, usually including shoes, hats and some more practical things that can appropriately according to their dressing style and color with these things are playing on the beach or a wedding must be prepared to participate in something.

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