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January 21 2015


How to take care of the lace curtains

How to take care of the lace curtains

Lace curtain is very beautiful, but if you use the washing machine, it will be broken easily. Then how should do? To use what kind of method can we make the color of the curtains more bright?

Lace curtains are made of relatively thin yarn, it can be put into warm water directly, for washing liquid and then either wash by hand two times can be a good choice, but bleach is forbidden. While after washing, we should try to let it dry naturally and do not use the drum drying, which will affect the whole curtain texture.

Common cloth curtain can use water to wash, but if the curtain fabrics shrink easily. It is best to use dry cleaning method. If the curtain texture is linen or canvas, it should be with a sponge dipped into some washing liquid, and then the above dirt can be wipe cleaned, until dry and then put roll it up.

lace curtains

For electrostatic lace curtains, must not be soaked in water to wash, only need to use cotton dipped in gasoline or alcohol, and then wipe in the curtain surface gently, don't screw by hand, wait for it dry naturally. Otherwise the above cashmere can easily be screwed down, one piece by one piece does not look good.

lace curtains
Blue lace curtains

For some special material curtains, must be carried out in the dry cleaners for dry cleaning. Because water washing will cause fabric deformation, or even damaged. If the curtain shape is very complex, with a cover or a hanging ear, do not hand or machine washable, it is best to have been cleaned.

If you want your lace curtains always keep bright color, there is a little tip. After washing, it can be soaked in milk for an hour or so, and then put it back clean dry. The color can be very bright.

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